Introducing the Auckland Mako NZIHL team

February 3, 2021

Auckland Ice Hockey Association and the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation (NZIHF) are proud to announce the launch of a new New Zealand Ice Hockey League team, the Auckland Mako!


The Auckland Mako are the sixth team to join the NZIHL competition, and will compete in the 2021 season, which begins in May.


The team is comprised of Under-23 aged players from around the country, who are the future of the NZIHL, along with current NZIHL veterans who are added in to provide leadership and experience for the Under-23 aged players. The team roster will be announced in the near future.


The philosophy behind the Auckland Mako is to give Under-23 aged players an opportunity and entry point in the NZIHL to help them gain experience and confidence for their future years in the league, as well as to grow the pool of elite level players in this age group.


The Auckland Mako will play their home games at Paradice Avondale and Paradice Botany, and travel around New Zealand to take place in the NZIHL competition.


Check out the logo and jersey design in the attached images, and stay tuned for more content from the NZIHL’s newest team!


The full schedule for the 2021 NZIHL season will be published shortly, refer to the NZIHL website for more information.


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